A vast occupied space

Starting from the place where I was born the Po Delta Park, I created a photographic research that analyzes the relationship between man and his space, the way we perceive it, consider it (sometimes we judge) and experience it.

The Po delta Park is located on the eastern border of the Po Valley, where the great River Po opens its delta on the Adriatic Sea. A territory created both by the sedimentation of the river and by the work of man who over the centuries has regimented its waters and reclaimed the land.

Ancient architecture, coastal woods and thick reeds to conquer the sea, 160 km of asphalt between the land and the sea, immersed in a completely flat landscape, to be traveled lazily, like the waterways that cross it. An uncrowded and romantically melancholy itinerary, to experience the unusual feeling of loss that accompanies these large spaces.